Bouffant Cap (21”)

Bouffant Cap (21”) 100/Box, 10 Boxes/Case Sold by the Case Only

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  • Size: 21 inches.
  • Color: Blue
  • Double stitch for better comfortableness
  • Soft elastic headband.
  • Non-latex.
  • 100/Box, 10 Boxes/Case Sold by the Case Only
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Whoever manipulated and made this photo is VERY INSENSITIVE.
Think about the people who are from different countries whose families live in the affected areas.
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7 Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Work

1. Eat in front of a mirror

Researchers from Arizona State University and also Erasmus University Rotterdam found that watching ourselves actually eat can be a powerful trigger to consume less. In their experiments, the experts put a mirror before participants and found that those eating in front of a mirror consumed much less food. The researchers think that this is simply because seeing ourselves eat makes us more conscious of our own bodies and that we do not want to watch ourselves overeat.

2. Eat with guy friends

If you want to cut down on your food intake when eating out, research suggests that opting for male eating companions can help you to eat less food. Researchers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron discovered that both women and men ingested fewer kilojoules when eating with men than with ladies.

The experts believe this is due to the fact we are much more aware of our gender when around the opposite sex and women restrict their eating to seem “more feminine” while men eat more around women to appear “more masculine”.

3. Decorate your kitchen in tones of blue

Blue is not just a perfect soothing colour for your bedroom walls, it is also an ideal kitchen colour scheme for those trying to lose weight. It is believed that green and blue shades act as an appetite suppressant (while yellow and red stimulate the appetite) so opt for blue dishes, table cloths or walls in your dining area to help to keep your hunger at bay.

4. Don’t eat wearing your PJ’s

Whilst eating in your pyjamas will not necessarily make you fat (although late-night snacking can certainly be a diet-killer for many of us), putting on loose clothing like baggy lounge pants and pyjamas can lead you to snack a lot more. This is simply because baggy clothes give you the illusion of being slimmer and make you think less about your figure.

While this is inadvisable to dress in uncomfortably restrictive clothes for your meals, wearing slightly more fitted clothes can help you to consider more about your body and is also a better indicator of fat loss or gain than getting weighed on the scales.

5. Sign up on Facebook

If you have not yet got onboard with the Facebook phenomenon, research recommends that signing up to the site could help to lose weight. With the regular lurking danger of being tagged in an unflattering photo and our fat days being broadcast for all to look at, social media sites have become a huge weight loss trigger for many of us.

In fact, a study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook pictures as the new number one weight loss trigger for Brits, overtaking preparing for the beach and not being able to squeeze into a favourite dress as the leading inspiration for getting in shape.

6. Pay with cash

According to a study by researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities, your credit card might be making you fat. While it has been known for a while that we are more likely to splash the cash when we are paying by card than by coins, the study results found that paying with plastic has also terrible results for your waist, since people are more likely to buy junk food and “vice” products - which tend to be impulse purchases - when having to pay by credit card.

To keep off the kilos and save some money, draw out enough cash for the day and then leave your cards at home.

7. Sniff vanilla

Sugar cravings destroying your diet? Then lighting a vanilla candle or spritzing on some vanilla-scented cologne could help to keep you slim. A study at St George’s hospital, South London, discovered that putting vanilla-scented patches on the back of participants’ hands significantly decreased their appetite for sweet food and drinks. It is considered that this is because the smell of vanilla can help to control sweet cravings.

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Latex Free Gloves: Why Every Medical Examination Should Make Use of Them

Latex allergy is not just a problem for medical technicians and practitioners, it’s a problem for patients as well. Fortunately, there’s a solution; latex free gloves.

While some are born with this allergy, the use of latex in medical gloves has made it obvious that repetitive exposure to latex can bring about sensitivity in those who previously showed no sign of it. Gloves that contain latex are in common use in hospitals and almost everywhere where medical examinations are carried out, yet so severe can the allergy be, that some have had to give up their career entirely because they were no longer able to wear them.

Luckily several companies have developed latex free gloves which can be applied by medical professionals and others. They are usually colour coded, so if you see your medical professional using blue gloves, it’s likely these are latex free.

But it’s not just medical experts who benefit from using these gloves. Around four per cent of people have a type 1, or severe level of sensitivity to latex which can cause severe complications during surgical procedures. Some conditions seem to be especially vulnerable to this allergy, such as more than two thirds of spina bifida sufferers are also sensitive to latex, a fact which complicates their care. It is also common in those who suffer from food allergies, (particularly those involving bananas and avocado) those who have had many operations and those who suffer from hay fever.

Where symptoms are serious they manifest as shortness of breath, throwing up, dizziness, confusion and also sufferers may lose consciousness. In these situations, instant medical help is required. Less severe symptoms consists of sneezing and itchy patches, or in some cases a red raised rash where the skin has been in contact with the latex.

Skin contact is the common reason for an allergic reaction, nevertheless it isn’t always necessary. Latex particles can be inhaled, and as a result it is possible to have a reaction to latex without having worn the substance at all. Many medical gloves have cornstarch inside to make it easier to put them on. The cornstarch absorbs the latex proteins and when the gloves are stretched as they are applied, the cornstarch goes out into the air. The latex proteins can then be inhaled by anyone in the surrounding area.

Almost all hospitals now create latex free gloves readily available for use in every situation where gloves are used. Some hospitals go even further, and as a result of the risk to patients as well as practitioners, have placed a full ban on the use of all gloves containing latex.

Although there are treatments which can decrease the severity of an allergic attack, there is no cure for this allergy and the only safe solution is to avoid latex altogether as well as use latex free gloves as well as other products wherever possible.

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jewelry store theft

And to think these are women.
We miss you, Dr. House.
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How doctors rally.
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When your computer has a virus.
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